Elvis Maynard put together weekly challenges for a selected group of stylists,  photographers and artists from around the world.

Weekly challenges are as follows:

 Magically Mundane

The common made special. The mundane turned magical. Using what is available to us in confinement. 

State and Form

Sure, all image-making is. But what do you see, and what do you capture, when state and form become the subject, and not just a tool.

Confined Beauty

Confinement is something we've all come to know first hand, but what might that look like in the eyes of the image-maker, and is there beauty to be found in it? 

To the right, you will find the images Angela Romero and Paulo Placencia created for the Art From the Quarantine project.

Angela Romero (Stylist)


Elvis Maynard (Art Director/ Stylist) 

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                                  My Confined Beauty
                                 For my wife Angela...


The Strongest Woman I Know (by Angela Romero)

State and Form was a challenge for Paulo and myself. We had many ideas and had a hard time agreeing on an idea/subject. Saturday morning, while checking in on my mom, I instantly realized she was our inspiration.

My mother was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. The news came as a shock. Anyone who knows my mother knows how active and energetic she is... a spirited person that is ready for the next adventure in some foreign land.

After her first round of chemotherapy, you can see the physical toll it has taken on her. Although it is tough to see her in this state, I know what really lies beneath. Resilience, determination, and love. There is beauty in this vulnerable state and it evokes compassion and love on a level that is hard to describe with words. We look forward to seeing her physical state and form match what we all see inside of her. 

-Week Three Titled : The Strongest Woman I Know


 Second Chance

"Given a second chance, all things hold beauty. It just takes an honest minute of your time to find it in the routine of the mundane"


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